Stata 11 上市了!

今天收到 Stata寄來的廣告信,上面寫著:Stata 11 已經開始販售了,而且7月27號就會開始郵寄!

有什麼新功能呢?處理missing values的常用功能Multiple imputation,現在可以作univariate imputation, multivariate imputation, MI。另外,graph上也支援多種字型與符號,這可讓圖表完全交由Stata處理。

Variable manager看起來也大幅改進,界面有親和力不少!

Factor variable以往跑regression都要先處理interaction,現在有了新方式可以用了。官方的說明如下:「Stata now handles factor (categorical) variables elegantly. You can now prefix a variable with i. to specify indicators for each level (category) of the variable. You can put a # between two variables to create an interaction–indicators for each combination of the categories of the variables. You can put ## instead to specify a full factorial of the variables—main effects for each variable and an interaction. If you want to interact a continuous variable with a factor variable, just prefix the continuous variable with c.. You can specify up to eight-way interactions.」

最重要的是:Stata 11的do file editor,支援syntax highlightingcode folding了!這功能早就該有了啊!


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