qualitative research and evaluation methods


最近從圖書館借來的書這本以前嫌貴沒買的書Qualitative research & evaluation methods,實在是滿有幫助的。如果我早些看到這本書,或許在自己的研究上就可以少走一些彎路


在這本書第三版頁13裡提到:some guilding quesions and options for methods decisions。這裡指的研究不只是質化的研究,量化或是用mixed methods的,都可以參考

1. What are the purposes of the inquiry? 研究的目的是什麼?
Research: contribution to knowledge
Evaluation: program improvement and decision making
Dissertation: demonstrate doctoral-level scholarship
personal inquiry: find out for oneself

2. Who are the primary audiences for the findings? 主要觀眾是誰?
Scholars, researchers, academicians
Program funders, administrators, staff, participants
Doctoral committee
Oneself, friends, family, lovers

3. What questions will guide the inquiry? 什麼問題會引導你的研究?
Theory-derived, theory-testing, and/or theory-oriented questions
Practical, applied, action-oriented questions and issues
Academic degree or discipline/specialization priorities
Matters of personal interest and concern, even passion

4. What data will answer or illuminate the inquiry questions? 什麼資料可以回答研究問題?
Qualitative: Interviews, field observations, documents
Quantitative: Surveys, tests, experiments, secondary data
Mixed methods: What kind of mix: Which methods are primary?

5. What resources are available to support the inquiry? 有什麼資源?
Financial resources
People resources
Access, connections

6. What criteria will be used to judge the quality of the findings? 如何檢驗成果的品質?
Traditional reserach criteria: rigor, validity, reliability, generalizability
Evaluation standards: utility, feasibility, propriety, accuracy
Nontraditional criteria: trustworthiness, diversity of perspectives, clarity of voice, credibility of the inquirer to primary users of the findings

上面說的這些,我最喜歡的是第三部分:what questions will guide your inquiry。許多研究生會遇到的問題是:作研究只有想法,或是想回答特定的問題,但是不知道這個問題跟理論有什麼關聯,作完這個研究之後會對理論和人類知識有什麼幫助。所以第三點標紅字的地方,我覺得言簡義賅,這點也是應該要寫作研究計畫書裡面的。

這部分的資訊,我覺得可以補充 Research design: QUalitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches 所介紹的內容。Research design 這本書雖然也提及研究方法與research design的選擇,但是出發點從知識論 (epistemology) 的層次出發,對剛進入研究所的人來說,倒不如上面這幾個問題來得有用

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